This past weekend was my alma matter’s homecoming and a group of us made the trek across the state to see WMU defeat the Bulls of Buffalo 34-31 in OT.  While in Kalamazoo I noticed a few things.

1. College (assuming you “go away”)  years are the best years of your entire life.  Some will say getting married or having a kid, I disagree (although I have neither).  You feel as if you are busy and overwhelmed, but you are not.  You feel as if it is too much and too hard, but it isn’t even close and the amount of free time that you have is recockulous compared to what you will see for the rest of your life (see above comment about marriage and kids).  Think about it MIP’s, eating frozen goldfish (I did not do this, I video taped), road rally’s, fights at the bar, house parties, girls, IM sports, dirty ass houses, kegs in the basement, dorm room parties, the Phi Sig house (I was not a paying member, just a guy that should up to party),

Football2. The people that you meet in college will most likely be around for a hell of a long time.  I look at the people that I met before college and I keep in touch with a handful, two of them are probably my closet friends to date (on of them was a college roommate for two years, before he decided my antics were too much).  The rest of the peeps I keep in touch with are from college.

3. Jesse Jaymes was dead nuts on.  It is literally like shooting fish in a barrel, I digress.

4. College’s have amazing food.  I am not talking about Red Robin or BW3, I am talking about places that are in college towns and nowhere else.  The restaurant for me is Bilbo's Pizza.  “Back when we were kids” there was a Bilbo’s on campus where we would skip class for beer and garlic cheese bread with dill sauce, the shit was (and still is) amazing.

Chris Risner

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