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There have been mysteries plaguing man for centuries.

What is the meaning of life? How do I find true love? Where are my car keys? Then, of course, my favorite … how do I combine a stimulant with a depressant?

Well, it seems NHL tough guy Georges Laraque has it figured out with Octane 7.0.

Not only will this malt based drink rock your world with 7% alcohol, but it’ll pick you right back up with a lovely mix of guarana, caffeine, and cider.

Seems like a perfectly cool product to for Laraque to endorse. Well, until you get Gary Bettman, the NHL, and their gaggle of lawyers involved. Seems that Article 25.1 of the NHL’s collective bargaining agreement forbids players from being involved in the endorsement or sponsorship of alcohol beverages or tobacco products.

Laraque is also in hot water with women’s groups for his Octane 7.0 ad featuring the current Montreal Canadian enforcer and some well dressed ladies playing some street hockey. (insert your five-hole, wrap around, and poke check jokes here)

He’s not known for his skating skills, but Big Georges is busy skating backward with apologies and donated all proceeds to an animal rights group.

"People who know me know I'm not that kind of person," said the 267-lb vegan after Canadians practice on Tuesday . "That's not the kind of thing I'd agree to promote."

We do though. Enjoy the video.

Chris Risner

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