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Update: 3-4-2016: If you're finding this blog and looking for information related to Azure Mobile Services, I'd strongly recommend checking out Azure Mobile Apps. Azure Mobile Apps is a new version (consider it a v2) of Azure's mobile backend support. All of the same features of Azure Mobile Services are there, with a lot of other very cool features to go along. You can read more about Azure Mobile Apps, and how to transition from Azure Mobile Services, here.

A few people have run into issues with finding how to delete a table in Windows Azure Mobile Services.  It’s actually very easy to accomplish though can be troublesome to find.  In order to delete a table, start by logging into the Windows Azure portal.  In the left hand navigation, select Mobile Services and then choose your app:

Mobile Services Navigation

Once you’ve selected your mobile service, you’ll be on the dashboard for your app.  Select Data from the top bar of links:

After selecting the Data tab, you’ll see a list of your tables.  You need to click on a table but not the area with the table name.  Clicking on a table name (or the blue area) will take you to a view for that specific table.  Instead you need to tap to the right of the table name area under Indexs or Records:

Once you’ve done that and selected a table, you should now see a Delete button at the bottom:

Tapping that will roll up a confirmation question:

Clicking yes will allow you to finally delete the table. 

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