I was checking out Fark.com today and noticed the headline “Is there anything hotter than a pregnant stripper beating a co-worker in the head with a stiletto heel?”

So I click on the link with a gleam in my eye and found an article discussing exactly what the headline stated, and even better it all happened in the worst state in the union…O-H-I-O.  (Cue several slanderous sweater vest comments)

To summarize the article for those of you with ADHD (Attention Deficit High Definition). 

1. The “assaulter” was a 22 yr old pregnant stripper.  I am not sure about anyone else, but when I go into a strip club, that last think I want to see is a pregnant chick with no clothes on sucking up cigarette smoke.  I have a feeling I am NOT in the minority here.

2. The woman that was assaulted was 52 years old. (see comment above and add this to things I do NOT want to see).

3. You are probably thinking to yourself, “The 52 year old must of stripped there forever”. NOPE, it was her first day.

These chicks are so Ohio-ian I would be afraid to even look at them in fear they would become pregnant and want to join the cash for fetus program.

Chris Risner

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