Update: 3-4-2016: If you're finding this blog and looking for information related to Azure Mobile Services, I'd strongly recommend checking out Azure Mobile Apps. Azure Mobile Apps is a new version (consider it a v2) of Azure's mobile backend support. All of the same features of Azure Mobile Services are there, with a lot of other very cool features to go along. You can read more about Azure Mobile Apps, and how to transition from Azure Mobile Services, here.

Windows AzureHot on the heels of yesterday’s Mobile Services release, today my team released an update to the Windows Azure Training Kit.  The training kit includes a wealth of information on how to start using all the different areas of Windows Azure.  Up until today, the training kit didn’t contain anything specific to iOS and Android development, but happily, that is no more. 

The first thing added is a PowerPoint deck which goes over connecting iOS and Android clients to Windows Azure Websites.  As you can tell if you’ve been reading this site, this is an area I’ve been focusing on lately.  The second addition, was two demos:  the URL Shortener and a GeoLocation sample.  I’ve covered in detail how to set up and get the URL Shortener running on this site already and in the very near future, I’ll be doing the same thing with the GeoLocation sample.  This should give you a better understanding of the advantages of connecting a mobile client to a backend in Windows Azure Websites, as well as how to create that backend (in PHP in these examples).  As always, if you have feedback or questions, I’d love to hear about it.

Chris Risner

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