Arvixe After finally being completely fed up with GoDaddy, it was time to start looking for a new host.  I spent a good amount of time (at least a few hours) looking at several different hosts as well as considering hosting my sites at home (using DYNDNS).  In the end, hosting myself (while being the most flexible option) didn’t work out due to cost.  After shopping around with several hosts I chose Arivxe to host my and several other sites.

  • It’s cheap but offers the options I need
    For less than $80 I got a .Net hosting account that offered unlimited disk space, unlimited band width, hosting of unlimited domains, and unlimited SQL databases.  Now I’m not a complete idiot.  I’m aware that there is a point where “unlimited” isn’t unlimited.  However, none of the sites I host will ever approach that limit.
  • Upgrades quickly
    When I first signed up, Arvixe wasn’t supporting .Net 4.0 yet (it wasn’t out yet) but they assured me that once it dropped they would start.  Days after .Net 4.0 was released, they were already supporting it. 
  • Great service
    This is where Arvixe has really shined so far (and I hope continues to do so).  They have a web based support chat on their site that you can use to ask questions prior to ordering or support questions after you already have something.  I’ve never waited more than a few minutes to talk to someone and they’re always helpful with problems.  Instead of “some hosts” where they blame everything on your code and are unwilling to attempt to work with you, Arvixe is willing to do whatever they can to help you solve your problems.

The only negative point I could make about Arvixe is that some of the initial set up (restoring a database from a different host / your own server) and setting up your config file could be easier.  That being said, under both of these circumstances, the support people were a great help with solving these problems.  While I’ve only been using them for 2 months so far, they are already as easy (if not easier to use) than my previous host and their support is amazingly better.  If you’re in the market for a new host or if you’re fed up with getting crappy support, I’d recommend taking a look at Arvixe. 

Chris Risner



No, I moved off Arvixe a while back and onto GitHub Pages: There’s less flexibility since it’s static but I worry about things considerably less.

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