KillSite Ok, he didn’t really kill my site but his site did kill my attempts to run Microsoft’s SEO Toolkit against my site. While most of the blame really falls on Microsoft, I feel it’s critical that AtomicInternet understand his role in bringing the SEO Toolkit to it’s knees. The specific error that is thrown is this:

 There was an error while performing this operation.
Invalid name character in ‘_META_RSS:LANGUAGE’.  The ‘:’ character, hexadecimal value 0x3A, cannot be included in a name.

image The short and skinny of it is that his site has the following line in the header:

<meta name="rss:language" content="en-us" /> 

So while no, there isn’t any good reason for this to be in the header of a website (as opposed to say, in an RSS feed) there really isn’t any reason that the toolkit should die because of what it found in a linked web page.  In addition, there are no options to run the toolkit without checking specific linked sites or all linked sites.  After that failed, I turned back to the W3C Validator which proved once again that my  site is better then Atomic’s site by the low low number of 402 errors and 89 warnings. 

Chris Risner



Wait Microsoft & Apple agree on something? Apperently Microsoft's web validator (laughs) tool and Apples iPhone browser can't successfuly display Brads site?? Waiting for paradox.... (that's nerd humor since you can't "wait" for a paradox)...

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