image With the increasing hostilities of the Atomic / Morlock site wars, I decided to strike a decisive blow by fixing up a number of SEO issues on my site.  As I’m not quite up to being W3C compliant, I just fixed issues found by the Microsoft SEO Toolkit previously mentioned.  Tonight when I started, I had 617 total violations.  As of now, I’m down to 35.  The majority of the issues were fixed doing the following:

  • Putting alt tags in all of the images.  There are still a few stragglers but most of them are fixed.
  • Putting meta descriptions on all of the pages.
  • Putting h1 tags on all pages.
  • Making sure links to my home page are all made as http://chrisrisner.com (previously some of them had meaningless attributes).
  • Limiting the lengths of some title pages.
  • Planning more destructive scans of AtomicInternet’s site.

At some point in the future, I’ll probably continue my attempt to make my site even more Stuck-Up Designer Friendly!  But don’t worry all of you standards nazis, even if my site is compliant, it will most likely always look like crap!

Chris Risner


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