Apple iOSWelcome to 31 Days of iOS.  This series of tutorials will take readers through the basics of getting up and running with iOS development and will close with some more advanced topics to really make your apps pop. 

As entries are added, I’ll add them to a list here.  Stay tuned for all the iOS you can handle!


Chris Risner



Thanks a lot. Great tutorial. I´m a newbie and this is the first tut that help to do what I wanted to do. You´re very kind to share your knowledge. Sorry because of my terrible english. In spanish:

Muchas gracias por este excelente tutorial, Me resultó muy útil e interesante. Por fin pude resolver algunas dudas que no había podido encontrar sus respuesta en libros o en el internet. Gracias por tu esfuerzo y por compartir tu conocimiento.

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