Update: 3-4-2016: If you're finding this blog and looking for information related to Azure Mobile Services, I'd strongly recommend checking out Azure Mobile Apps. Azure Mobile Apps is a new version (consider it a v2) of Azure's mobile backend support. All of the same features of Azure Mobile Services are there, with a lot of other very cool features to go along. You can read more about Azure Mobile Apps, and how to transition from Azure Mobile Services, here.

LensRocket iconA little bit over a month ago, I released the source code for an application known as PikShare.  Due to some naming issues, the app needed to be renamed and today that work is finally done.  PikShare will forever more be known as LensRocket.  All existing links, URLs, and blog posts have been renamed to reflect this.  However, all of the existing links will still work (via 302 redirects).  Additionally, the GitHub repository for LensRocket has been renamed to reflect the change.  If you were already following or cloned the repo, GitHub automatically takes care of things for you so you won’t even notice the change. 

Obviously all of the references in the code base now point to LensRocket as well.  Included in that were a few changes to no longer use the term “pik” but instead “rocket”.  Due to this change, the server side scripts also changed to reflect this.  On the plus side of all this, if you had already started looking at PikShare, you don’t really need to do a lot to adjust to the new naming. 

Lastly, instead of just changing the name, we also got a bit of design work done.  Now I haven’t made the app look 100% like the design comps (yet) but it certainly looks a good deal better than it was before (and doesn’t look like a total clone of the app this was based off of).  I invite you to take a look at the source code, play with the app, and let me know what you think.

Chris Risner

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