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Today at right around 12:30 pm EST, Google opened registration for it’s Google IO conference.  And havoc ensued.  Though I’m not sure how many seats they had available or how many they had in past years, I was fairly confident from the online hype that the conference wouldn’t take too long to sell out.  That being said, who could have predicted that it would sell out in an hour (sort of).  In addition to myself, 2 other people from work were planning to attend.  We were waiting on other people to decide how we were going to register and they were a little slow with figuring things out.  When the registration web site was coming back with Sold Out in just over an hour, I was floored.  Floored and pissed that I wasn’t going to be able to go.  Thanks to paying attention to Twitter though, I saw people talking about how they were getting assigned a key when they went into registration and if they found it they could go back in later and still register.  It would seem that as soon as you got into the second page of registration, a key was assigned to your browser which didn’t get released later.  So even though the site was saying the tickets were sold out, people were still getting into register if they’d been into the site earlier.  Thankfully, when registration first opened, I went through the first page to check things out.  After looking through my browser history, I found the registration link with my key and was able to get in.  I won’t be going with any coworkers, but at least I’ll be going.  There are a bunch of good Android sessions and some HTML5 ones as well.  Any good ideas for things to do while in San Francisco?

Chris Risner

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