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While innocently adding some files to my ftp server so that I could access them remotely, I logged into my server interface to check on some permissions.  Then I noticed something a little funky going on.  Someone was repeatedly trying to log in to my ftp server.   What kind of craziness could this be?

Ftp Log Why would this “Angelica” person be trying to get into my ftp server?  I scrolled up and realized it wasn’t just her.  Angelica’s friends Angela and Angel were also trying to get at my files from the same IP!  Could it be as the stars had foretold and that a 4-some with ftp aware girls was finally going to go down?  There was only one way to find out.  I did a “Who Is” check on the IP address.  Alas, the requests were all coming from an IP in Amsterdam.    So either 3 Dutch chicks are really lonely or, more likely, my ftp server was under a brute force attack.  At this point I can feel nothing but pride.  Though, if they were up to Angelica, how many attempts had they already made?   Sadly, I couldn’t figure out how to make my ftp server redirect them to, so I settled with blocking their IP address.

Chris Risner


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