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Veritas After a recent conversation with the Senator, I decided that there wasn’t really a bad reason (yet) to enable notifications to be sent out letting people know when people comment after them on blog entries.  So now, when you go to comment on the blog, you’ll see a new checkbox with the text “Email me responses” next to it.  In short, if you check this box, you will then be emailed when someone comments after you on a particular entry.  Now I know what you’re thinking, “What if some jackass put’s my email address in and says that they want to get emailed?”   Every email that goes out to let you know that someone commented after you includes a link which will allow you to cease any more emails from coming to you.  Just a warning though, for the time being, once you’ve clicked on that link, you won’t get any emails for any entries.  You will essentially be Opted Out from any emails.  If you decide down the road that you actually do want to hear back about something, you’ll have to let me know personally (until I devise some more advanced system).  Happy commenting!

Note:  if you’re wondering about the “Veritas” pic.  Veritas is the name I’ve given to the Blog Engine I’ve created which at some point in time, I might make publically available.

Chris Risner

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