I’ve been blogging off and on for the past few months about rewriting my blog framework, Veritas.  Today, I can happily say that I’m done(ish).  What you’re reading right now is being hosted by the fruits of my labor and my upgraded, MVC2, .Net 4.0 blog engine.  There is still some work I will eventually do but the site is pretty solid right now.  I left off talking about the UI and didn’t really get to the last piece which was the actual blog entry display.  I finished that off without writing about it and then also finished the whole admin section as well.  If and when I have the time, or if enough people are clamoring for it, I’ll talk about those things as well.  In the mean time, you can still read all about the majority of the site and check out the code for yourself.  Up next I still have a lot of stuff to talk about regarding my Android Application and the experience I’ve had making it.  In the mean time, you can download the current full source to the site here.

Chris Risner


Chris Risner

I actually tried putting it on GitHub a few weeks ago but ran into a lot of issues. I went back and forth with support but we couldn't figure it out. I'm not sure if my ISP was blocking it or if there was a proxy problem or what.

True, it won't really handle posts with the same name. In my opinion though, if you're posting with the same title, you're not being descriptive enough. Especially from an SEO perspective.

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