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Just last week, my lady friend moved here from Phoenix.  While shocking to everyone (that thought it was equally ridiculous that I would move back to Michigan from Phoenix) she actually missed having weather that was different than constant sunshine.  At less than a week into her time in Michigan, she is noticeably paler and less excitable.  She’s taken to hanging out in subterranean rooms and clawing at anything that passes by the windows.  All that being said, having her here has been great.  Who knew my house could stay clean for more than one day in a row.  “Unfortunately” the schedule didn’t really work out so I wasn’t able to drive from Phoenix to Michigan with her.  Thankfully that issue was overcome by having her dad drive here with her.  Even more thankfully, he brought me a travel humidor along with a dozen or so flavorful cigars.  I’m confident that by Spring ‘10, she’ll either have adapted (and fully adopted the ways of the morlock) or she’ll have frozen after forgetting that you can’t go outside in January without a coat.

Chris Risner


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