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Two days ago it was beyond humid.  As is only typical on days like that, it ended with storms.  "Horrible Storms."  By that I mean the tv informed me that there were tornado watches in the Jackson area but all we really got here was almost heavy rain and wind for about 40 minutes.  However, as per typical for this area, the power went out before the rain had even started.  Unlike the Lloyd, I don't have a generator so instead of enjoying a fan or something along those lines, I sat in my garage and drank a couple beers while watching the rain and charging my phone (despite knowing storms were on the way, I let my phone get close to death and after the power went out the only options were plugging into the car or the laptop) while longing for a cigar.  I didn't go to DTE's site to report the outage immediately (under the assumption that someone else would), but by the time I did about 3 hours after the power went out (and a good amount of time after the storm had passed) they still had no estimated time for repairs.  Upset but whatever, I went to sleep sans fan, AC, or night light.  After waking up in the morning, I checked DTE's site again to find they still had no estimate.  12 hours after the power went out, still not even an estimate.  Later in the day at work at around 12 PM (time not exactly sure but close enough) they finally had an estimate in of 11 PM that night until 2 am the following day.  I wasn't pleased, but whatever, I'd have power that night.  Not more than an hour later, I checked again and WTF, power is fixed.  Good work DTE. 

Chris Risner

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