House Workout comments edit

image With my birthday and a 4 day week quickly approaching, I ended up taking last Wednesday through this Tuesday off from working out and instead to gorge upon a diet of fatty food, beer, liquor, and nicotine.  During that time, I decided to do something I’d been planning to do for several weeks now, plant some trees in the backyard.  Not just any trees though, trees that would help me cut back on yard work.  How is this possible?  The spruce tree, specifically the Norway Spruce.  The spruce tree is acidic so it will kill the grass around the tree.  Now, most spruce trees grow pretty slowly, but not the Norway Spruce.  It will grow up to a meter (or about a yard for you non-metric sorts) a year for the first 25 years.  So all of this means the grass in the far end of my backyard will die and I will have to mow less.

Some of you are probably thinking, “What the hell is a morlock doing planting trees?”  Don’t worry, I have two things to say to you.  First is that these trees will aid in blocking the sun (that great big spherical thing in the sky that keeps me from leaving my cave like home) and secondly I’ll burn anything that falls off the trees, thereby destroying our environment and making it safe for morlocks everywhere to wander outside.

p90x2Now that the weekend of lush like living is over, I’m getting back to the P90x program.  I’m officially 7 days behind though.  Tonight was another night of Shoulders and Arms.  One thing I will say of the (minimal) workouts I’ve done from P90x is that each and every one has left me pretty sore which I take to mean they’re actually doing a decent job.  I would like to get more cardio in to my routine though (perhaps do more doubles) as the 3 cardio X routines just don’t seem to do enough (though I’m use to running).  In an effort to keep with the program, I’ll hopefully update more about working out.

Chris Risner