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Sites with inconvenient logins

Chances are good that most of the sites you use today have the majority of their functionality behind a login.  Gmail, Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, etc.  It’s not like these sites have ALL of their functionality behind the login, but the majority of it is.  So when you find one of these sites that makes logging in harder than it needs to be, it’s just plain irritating.  Enter Evernote.  Go ahead and go to  Where is the login?  Not on the home page.  It’s only a click away but that’s one more click then every person that’s going to Evernote to login wants to make. 

Searching maps with Chrome’s Omnibox

If you’re used to using the Google Chrome browser, you’re probably (hopefully) used to searching right in the address bar.  The address bar is also apparently called the Omnibox.  You can type whatever you want into the Omnibox and if it’s isn’t a recognized URL, it will try to search (using whatever your preferred search engine provider is) for it.  Even more so, if you go to a site that’s “set up correctly” you can tab and search their site.  For example if you’ve been to in the browser before and type in “” and hit tab, the Omnibox changes to “Search” and whatever you then enter will be used as though you had gone to and were searching.  Very handy.  Unfortunately, there is one site that falls flat on it’s Omnibox capabilities.  What’s worse, it’s a Google site.  Google Maps just doesn’t support this automatic functionality.  There really isn’t a week that goes by that I don’t type in “” hit tab and curse our Google Overlords.

Chris Risner

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