Windows AzureIt’s kind of funny that just over a year ago I wrote about switching my focus from Microsoft related technologies to mobile and more specifically, iOS development.  Since then I switched down to doing a lot more Android and a little less iOS.  As luck would have it, this ended up leading to a pretty great opportunity.  About a month ago I took a new position with a company you may have heard of in passing:  Microsoft.  Specifically I am a Technical Evangelist for Windows Azure. 

“Woah, woah, woah, Chris! I thought you were doing iOS and Android development?”

I will still be doing mobile development.  I’ll just be focusing more on how to connect Android and iOS applications to the Windows Azure platform.  There are a mess of options out there for back ends when it comes to mobile applications.  Obviously when it comes to “the Cloud”, Azure is a big player.  The platform is scalable, constantly being improved, and is just at the beginning of what it’s capable of.  I see nothing but opportunity when it comes to Azure and working with iOS and Android developers. 

I will truly miss working with my former teammates, but I’m very excited about the opportunities I’ll have with Microsoft.  Erin and I (and Riley) are very excited about moving out to Washington in a few months and experiencing a whole new place for all of us. 

I look forward to expanding the focus of this site and opening it up to new topics that I haven’t covered before while continuing to talk about and discuss everything great (and not so great) about mobile!

Just a reminder, everything I say on this site is my opinion and in no way that of my employer.  Unless they agree with me.

Chris Risner

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