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After months of encouragement from my friend Kevin, I finally got off my ass and ordered ripcords last Thursday so I could start P90X.  Kevin began doing it several months ago and has extolled the benefits of the program to me on a pretty regular basis (and writes pretty regularly about working out, nutrition, etc…so all of the things you probably don’t care about if you’re reading this).  After the bands got in on Saturday, I decided I had spent too much money and time to continue to ignoring it.  So today after work, I came home and decided to attack the fitness test and day one of the program, “Chest, Back, and Ab-Ripper X”.  The program doesn’t, and I wouldn’t, suggest doing both of those on the same day, especially without taking a break in between like I did, but I felt i was in good enough shape to give it a go. 
     The fitness test is primarily a way of making sure you’re in good enough shape to actually do P90X (I’d recommend figuring this out before you GET P90X) as opposed to a real work out.  The woman got a huge laugh out of my first attempt to do pull ups with the bands.  The way that works is that you jam one end of a small piece of fabric through a door jam and close it.  You then run your band through the exposed end of the fabric.  This works under the idea that the end you put through the jam has a small item in it which prevents it from coming through the jam.  Unfortunately, the first time I did this, that item (I’m not exactly sure what it is) was not fully through the jam.  This resulted in the band flying back to hit me in the chest in a very painful manner.  After Erin cleared the tears from laughing so hard she cried, we continued on.  After finishing the test, I decided to jump right into day one.  Erin felt like getting a bit more exercise (she ran earlier in the day) so she joined me for the workout.
   Day one, “Chest, Back, and Ab-Ripper X” has left me already sore.  The workout (“Chest and back”) is for the most part alternating between pushups and pull ups with 2 or 3 different band moves thrown in.  The pull ups weren’t very difficult at all (I think I’m going to be investing in a pull up bar very soon to make this a bit more difficult) but the pushups wrecked both Erin and I.  I’ve attempted (but gotten too lazy to finish) the 100 pushup challenge before and gotten a good distance into it but the amount and different style pushups in the first day was unbelievable.  I feel no shame in admitting that I was doing less than the woman on the video.  Following that, we did the Ab-Ripper X workout as well.  Ab-Ripper X was short and sweet and only involved ab related moves (as you might imagine).  So far I’m not disappointed with getting this going (finally) and look forward to tomorrows cardio.

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