image With today’s official release of the dates and prices for Mix10, it’s pretty much official that I’m going.  Fantastically, they’re giving a huge discount from now until January 15th:  $795 for the conference.  After that the conference jumps up $600.  That’s a ton.  That, the workshop pass, and the flight come in just under $1500 which is a swell deal.  As they didn’t really give any more details other than the dates of the conference prior to today, I didn’t know that the workshops would be the day before, starting the morning of Sunday the 14th.  As flying out of the D that Sunday morning means that at the minimum, I’ll miss the first half of the workshops, I’m going to fly out the Saturday before it starts.  So as of now, I’m planning to be there from the afternoon of Saturday the 13th until Thursday the 18th.  I know, 4 whole days in Vegas, DANGEROUS!  However, as I’ve told Erin, I really intend to make the most of the conference.  Obviously there will be going out but that’s the same as anywhere else they might hold a major conference.  Things are just more convenient in Vegas.  While the conference takes place at Mandalay Bay, it looks like I’m going to try to stay at New York, New York.  The price of Mandalay Bay isn’t completely awful (if sharing with another person) but they’re website doesn’t allow you to reserve a room starting that Saturday.  I might just call them and see what they can do, but why the hell would they block people from coming in that Saturday.  Is anyone that’s going to Mix going to come in a full 2 days before the workshops begin (on Friday) just to stay at Mandalay Bay?   Way to drop the ball.  Anyway, some of the sessions they’ve already  announced sound fantastic and I’m looking forward to hearing more before March. 

Chris Risner

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