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My name is Chris Risner, and I'm passionate about technology. I work at Microsoft as a Technical Evangelist. There, I focus on mobile connectivity with Windows Azure. Specifically, I work on making it easy to use Windows Azure as the backend for iOS and Android apps. I currently live in Kirkland, WA with my wife and dog. In addition to all things related to software, I'm also interested in sailing (I own a small sailboat), craft beer and bourbon, reading, learning, and video games.

I graduated from Western Michigan University after transferring from Michigan State University. I started out after college working on a java-based application. After a year of doing that, I transitioned to C3 C# and ASP .Net. I spent 5 years working on websites, windows services, smart clients, and web services. I think it's fair to say I've forgotten more about .Net development than most people know. After becoming firmly entrenched in .Net development, I decided to start exploring mobile development. I began by focusing on iOS and Android development. Returning to Java has resparked my interest in both open source and the ability to write something on one box that will run on others.

I hope you find the information in my blog useful, and look forward to sharing more of my knowledge. I appreciate any feedback/comments/questions. Follow me on Twitter, Google Plus or contact me via email.